Treatments Offered

Remedial Massage

is a deep massage done to create the conditions for the body’s return to normal health after injury or with muscular-skeletal disorders. It is used to treat chronic muscular-skeletal imbalances, strains, sprains, broken bones, bruising or any injury where the skin is intact.

Deep tissue massage removes blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions left after injury, speeds up recovery and encourages more complete healing. Remedial massage is also used for conditions created by lifestyle, for example Repetitive Strain Injury and back pain. It is designed to increase the flow of blood and lymph, particularly in the injured areas.

Sports Massage

focuses on muscles relevant to the event. For athletes who train continuously, the goal is to enhance endurance, lessen the chance of injury and shorten the time needed to recover from an event. Sports Massage may utilize a variety of techniques such as classical Swedish Massage, trigger point therapy, and hydrotherapy.

Prior to an athletic event, Sports Massage may be used with stretching in order to help athletes to loosen, warm and prepare their muscles so that their performance and endurance might be enhanced. Following an athletic event, Sports Massage may be used to relieve pain, prevent stiffness, and return the muscles back to their normal state. Sports Massage may also be used for injury rehabilitation.

Relaxation Massage

is all about relaxing. It focuses on giving the client time to recover from the stresses of daily life. When you experience relaxation massage, you can expect a treatment that involves:

  • Long smooth gliding strokes that are rhythmic and flowing
  • Pressure that is deeply relaxing, but not painful
  • A treatment that is designed to soothe and relax you, not to relieve chronic pain or other underlying ailments.

Traditional Chinese Massage (Tuina)

is a form of Chinese therapeutic massage - 'Tui' meaning to push, and 'Na' to grasp. Tuina is a very important component of Chinese medicine alongside acupuncture and herbal prescription. However, Tuina can be a complete healing system in itself as not only does it work on muscle groups, joints, sites of pain and poor circulation, it works the same meridians and points used in acupuncture and employs the same basic theory as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): "Injury or disease causes blockages in the channels of the body. Blockages cause pain."

Specialist Treatments


is an ancient method of causing local congestion. A partial vacuum is created in cups placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction. When the cup is placed on the skin for a few minutes, blood stasis is formed and localized healing takes place. Cupping is further developed as a means to opening the meridians of the body allowing the energy to travel the whole length of the body.


is a therapy in which pressure is applied to reflex points on feet or hands. It is based on the principle that these reflex points are related to the internal organs and glands and are laid out in the same arrangement as that in the physical body, forming a ‘map’ of it. Pressure on the reflex points can therefore affect these structures.

Hot Stone Massage

is a combination of massage and the use of hot stones. This ancient naturopathy involves placing smooth, flat basalt stones preheated to approximately 520OC on specific energy pathways of the body (usually the back, hands and toes) to alleviate back pain, arthritis, muscle ache and to release toxins inside the body.

Our therapist may also hold and glide the stones, use them to apply deeper pressure or to massage certain areas of the body. The warmth of the hot stones can greatly improve blood circulation and calm the nervous system, thus promoting deep relaxation in the underlying tissues.

Pregnancy Body Care

focuses on the mother-to-be as she goes through the changes due to pregnancy. This is not a replacement for medical care, but rather as an adjunct to aid in the health and rapid recovery of the mother. After the mother has given birth, treatment will assist in restoring the body back to its normal condition. Prenatal massage may also help reduce and/or eliminate excess water retention.

Health fund rebates for the following Remedial or Cupping massage treatments (HICAPS available):

  • 30 mins - $50
  • 45 mins - $70
  • 60 mins - $90
  • 90 mins - $130

Note: These treatments focus on specific complaints and health problems.